getting comfortable with house living

we have now been living in this yellow house for a little over a month (i’ve discounted the time we were away) and i am slowly getting comfortable to house living

you see, i have never really lived in a house before

i have mostly been an apartment girl and have always felt comfortable that way

before we moved into this yellow house, living in a house and not in an apartment was a big dream of mine

but even though it was a dream, it was also somewhat of a nightmare because i knew what fears/phobias i have about living in a house

fears about living in a house you might be asking?

yes, fears

let’s talk about showering while home alone

can i rinse the soap off my eyes fast enough before THIS happens to me?

no. i don’t think i can

i have watched too many (way too many) csi and law&order episodes to feed my paranoia for a lifetime

when Will goes out at night and i am left with a sleeping Lily, i can’t even tell you what a mess i am

i check the doors every five minutes to make sure they are locked

i peak out the windows to make sure nobody is breaking in

if a branch, leaf or whatever falls on the roof, you bet i jump to the window to make sure nobody is trying to come attack us

and i always have the phone by me. you know, in case i have to dial 911….

so, as dreamy as it is living in a house, it is also nerve wrecking

for me anyway

do any of you share any of these crazy fears with me?

do you also think of THIS when you are showering at home alone?

or am i the only crazy one?