painted leaves and stick mobile

before we left for wv, Lily and i made a painted leaves and stick mobile to take to her room there

it came out really great if i can say so myself and so i would like to share it with you

it’s so simple and you mostly just need nature treasures

happy ARTsy wednesday everyone!

we are off to hang out in our old neighborhood and see some old friends

here’s what you will need:

twine (string/yarn of some kind), scissors, paint, leaves and a stick

first step:

have fun in your yard picking leaves (try to get the cleaner ones)

don’t let your kid eat them

second step:

paint the leaves. we used squeezable sparkly paint

third step:

paint the stick

forth step:

let leaves and stick dry (we let it dry overnight)

fifth step:

tie a long piece of twine/string to both ends of the stick so you can later hang it

using your good eye, tie long pieces of twine/string on the stick

each section should have two strings

tie leaves unevenly on both sides and do the same for the other sections

and voila!