according to my phone

a private princess birthday party

a dinner at home

crab cakes and spaghetti squash

the birds. part two, Hayes

special delivery from portugal. thanks tio Ricky, Bela and baby Dicky!

Lily’s portrait of me through kidpaint

dressed up for cooking

happy late morning riser

a walk to the post office


in a jungle

good wine

a pool date

Lily and William

a date with auntie K at our old park

waking up early, coming to our bed, falling back asleep and waking late

auntie K slept over

i think it’s fair to say that it’s been in the nineties here all week

and i know i shouldn’t be complaining because there are places that have been in the triple digits but, nineties is plenty of hot for both Lily and i to not want to go outside

and so we don’t

with the exception of wednesday when we got dropped off at flamingo pool and spent the day in our old neighborhood

felt good to be in the old neighborhood

we spent time with auntie K, took a stroll down lincoln rd, ran into people we know, went to our old park…

it actually made me feel quite nostalgic

we don’t really know anyone in this new neighborhood and it’s just not like living two blocks away from lincoln road when we could just walk down and be around people

it’s a change

a change we are all still adjusting to

happy friday everyone!