the last twenty four hours with Isaac

when we woke up yesterday morning, we had no power

no power means no coffee, no toast, no warm breakfast

so, we went to denny’s for breakfast. they were open and had power

i wore: striped shirt- zara. tank- gap. jeans- 7forallmankind gifted by Connie. booties- french connection. bag- target

Lily wore: dress- next direct. leggings- old navy. wellies- zulilly

after breakfast we headed back home where we just chilled

Will played with Lily (napped)

the beds remained unmade for a while

Will watched a movie with Lily (napped)

i finished my painting, the birds. part three, Maury (better pictures to come)

we got our first avocado from our avocado tree. it was on the ground due to all the rain and wind

we hung out in the car in order to keep cool, listen to the news about the storm and charge our phones

the view from the eleventh floor

our friend Juan with power who lives in midtown (just a few blocks away) invited us over and we gratefully accepted the invite

he has a beautiful apartment with amazing views

we took several outings to the balcony to experience the power of isaac

an educated guess is always the best guess. yummy wine

stormy weather

balcony break. isaac!!!!!

very stormy weather

a self portrait

back on the balcony. really windy!

family windy hug

dancing in the wind with isaac

inside ipad kidpaint fun with Juan

clearing up a bit. only until the next wave

wind and rain picking up again

this morning we woke up to many more avocados on the ground

we slept at home

it was hot due to no ac or fans

we still have no power

i’m writing this post from D’s house who was kind enough to give us his keys and stay at his place while he is at work

he has power

it is still raining and super windy but we are safe

many people are experiencing way worst than us

even if we were home with no power

i hope you all stay safe!

this post was brought to you by the power at D’s house

thanks D and Juan for keeping us safe and cool