planting Clyde trees

having no power for two days set me back a bit when it came to house work

so yesterday i did laundry, organized the house a bit and tackled the backyard

funny enough, the day before isaac came through, i had swept and raked the whole back area

yesterday i did the same as well as put everything back out that Will had put in the garage in case of strong winds

what i am most excited about however, is the planting that i did

when we moved into this yellow house in mid june, i took two offsprings off the Clyde tree in our backyard and put them in individual vases with water

i had done this before with a neighbor’s tree at our old apartment

in just two months those offsprings grew roots

so yesterday i grabbed two of my empty pots, a bag of dirt that Will had gotten for me last week and planted the offsprings

they now have a new spot in the livingroom

this bigger space can handle more plants than our small apartment (even if Will disagrees)

i also took two more new offsprings off the Clyde tree (new ones are always growing) and put them in the vases with water

not only do they add life in any space but, they don’t die like flowers

and…. they will be ready for planting in about two more months

yay for green babies!!


and in the meanwhile guess who traded her rainboots for some heels and pearls?

“everyone wears high heels. right mommy?”

we do live in Miami….