skipping stones

tomorrow we will be going to Lily’s school open house
you read right
Will and i have registered Lily in a two day school program that mixes both montessori and waldorf ways
she will be going tuesdays and thursdays from 9am-12pm
there are two teachers for the seven children in her group
yeah, pretty wonderful
the whole set-up is also pretty wonderful. it is in a house

this wasn’t really the plan
the plan was for Lily to go to pre-k when the time came
but, after moving into this yellow house, in a more residential part of town, i have been feeling like it’s harder to get play dates for Lily
a lot of her friends have been in day care also
and so she hasn’t had as much kid interaction as she used to

i didn’t want to necessarily put her somewhere for the whole week
so, it is wonderful that skipping stones offers two day and three day programs

the first time we visited, Lily was shy at first but then opened up a bit more within the hour we were there
we visited her teacher at her home the other day and Lily really warmed up to her

we have been talking about school daily and she is getting more and more excited as each day goes by
she is also looking forward to seeing two of her older friends there, Lotus and Sam

i am curious to see how she does tomorrow at open house and of course how she will do on her first day of school on september 06

i feel a bit just like the name of the school… skipping stones
we are slowly skipping stones in this growing process
and as always it is oh so bitter sweet….