according to my phone

outside the bedroom window in the morning

our silly Lily

a clean backyard just in time for isaac to come and mess it up

saturday morning breakfast

the birds. part three, Maury

we lost power over the last twenty four hours with Isaac (it was more like over forty eight)

over at Juan’s during isaac

Mia at D’s

the sweetest girl

tired little sleeper

driving back home from the beach


back home with power, back to routine

a story/post to come

at target trying on some new digs


birthday kisses

outside fun with a tub, water and a sealion

trying to keep cool

lunch. avocado with sauteed sweet potato, corn, garbanzo beans and a sprinkle of parm


blue moon birthday whispers

breakfast. banana, strawberries, blueberries, figs and flax seeds

a walk

around the neighborhood

what a full month august was, right?

let’s have a small recap shall we?

we were in west virginia, raleigh nc and dataw island sc

we came back home and dealt with hurricane isaac

i managed to paint three paintings!!!!

we registered Lily for school (crazy!)

and we ended the month with none other than a full blue moon


a week from today we will land in Portugal

i’m sure this coming week will be nothing other than a little crazy

happy september everyone!!