blue moon birthday whispers

Will wore: crown- made by Lily and i. shirt- concert tee for the rapture. jeans- levi’s. sneakers- nike waffle

Lily wore: tiara headband- target. dress- old navy. sandals- salt water

i wore- earrings- anthro, gifted by D. sweater vest&booties- f21. asymmetric top- anthro. bag&skirt- zara

she can-can

chilled sake. yum

a new asian place opened around the corner from us and the few things we tried were delicious. one thing about our new area is that there are great restaurants, with a lot more variety and way less expensive than where we were living on the beach

a princess and her king

on the right: Lily decorated her bun with edamame beans

braised beef bun

blue moon rising

giving Will a dental and optic exam

birthday snuggles

nothing terrifies Will more than a large group of people singing happy birthday to him

he never liked it as a kid and he still doesn’t like it

so, when it came down to celebrating his actual birthday, the three of us walked over to the new sushi place, had a great dinner and then whispered happy birthday to Will over a slice of flourless chocolate torte

birthday whispers

a new tradition started in our family

i can’t believe today is labor day

feels like just yesterday we were celebrating july fourth

i guess this means fall is around the corner for some of you

i wish things were cooling off here

but that is just wishful thinking on my part

happy labor day everyone. hope you are all enjoying this holiday weekend