Lily’s art these days

aside from the purple stars on the right, Lily did it all

ballerinas with sticker tiaras and cats

i’ve been meaning to write a small post about how much we love melissa&doug products but haven’t gotten around it. so i will do it now

are you guys familiar with their kid products? they are great and Lily has a few but, the ones we love the most right now are their huge coloring and sticker books

they are seriously hours (and hours and hours) of creative fun

Lily spends endless hours with them

if you have little ones who like to color and who like stickers, you should really check them out

in the lines and using different colors with markers

markers and pencils

i always go through target’s one dollar section. there are usually some great grabs there as far as coloring books and stickers are concerned. the way this girl goes through them, they need to be that price

color pencils

she is getting really good at staying in the lines and using different colors

watercolors are a bit messy but she is getting the hang of it

freestyle elmo and cookie monster drawing

the days are hot here during august. and september and….

well, we have been staying in a lot and keeping busy with coloring and sticker books

i cannot believe the progress Lily has made on her coloring in what seems to be just a couple of weeks

she is selective about her use of color (most of the time), is taking her time and trying to stay in the lines

and she is not even three

she uses color pencils as well as she uses markers and enjoys watercolors, crayons and paints just the same

i think it’s important to use all different mediums, don’t you?

we will be on a long flight to Portugal on friday and you bet i will be filling up Lily’s elmo backpack with all sorts of coloring books, stickers and pencils/markers

happy ARTsy wednesday everyone

ps- sorry for the longest Lily art post but since the few last ARTsy wednesday posts were dedicated to my own paintings, she was overdue