Lily’s first day of school

Lily wears: harajuku mini dress from target. salt water sandals and elmo backpack from target

look at these funny “smiles”

the dress was on sale and the price was pretty but what really sold me was the print and the buttons in the back

can we talk about the fact that Lily is in school right now for the first time ever?

yeah, like right now

it is now 9:37 as i type this and she is in school

in school!!!!!

Will and i dropped her off just short of 9am

since we registered her for skipping stones two weeks ago, we have been talking about and prepping for this day

as walked up to the door from the car, Lily held both mine and Will’s hands

i think she was a bit nervous

i think i was a lot nervous

she greeted both her teachers at the door which she has taken an easy and fast liking to and then we were off

and she stayed

and omg she is there right now….

and i might have rushed the goodbyes a bit cause i didn’t want to linger and make things worst for everybody

and she is there right now

and i can’t wait to see her soon

and maybe my coffee was too strong this morning but i think i’m just kind of having a small case of panic attacks

ok, i got packing to do

we leave for Portugal tomorrow

another panic attack….