according to my phone

saturday morning’s coffee in bed tastes better than any other morning’s

setting up for Will’s birthday celebration


waiting for guests to arrive

leftover pumpkin pie on sunday

the laziest sunday ever

pajama movie sunday. lazy i tell you

blabla is her sleeping buddy

our labor day

black mission figs. so beautiful. so yummy

this little green guy hanging out in one of my outside plants

eric carle games

watercolors, color pencils, markers. busy

Lily and her first family portrait. more on this coming week’s ARTsy wednesday

bathtime crayons

a rainy afternoon

the view of where we live now from K’s balcony

i had to actually wake this beautiful sleeping face so she could get ready for school

her feet are getting so long

ready for school. omg school… panic attack

getting picked up from school. she loved it!

a toucan with a crown and ballerinas. toucan lake?

packing. again

seriously, will we ever stop packing? (i mean, it hasn’t even been a month since we unpacked from our last trip)

well, Portugal here we come!

our flight leaves at 4 this afternoon

it was a short yet full week

Lily started school yesterday and she really enjoyed it!

can’t wait to come back to see how she really does when she starts going regularly

this Portugal trip will be our last trip for a while

and not that i don’t like traveling or seeing family but, i look forward to staying put for a while and just being

there are lots of things to look forward to right here at home that i will share with you when we get back

but today we have to get on two planes

and if you know me and have been coming here for a while, you know i hate (HATE) flying

so…… wish me luck

see you from Portugal!

have a great weekend