visiting friends

yesterday we took a short car ride to visit my brother’s friends who live right outside of Evora

there just happened to have been a miniature pony whose name is Peter

yeah, a miniature pony

a miniature pony who thinks he is one of the many dogs on the farm and just walks about all day long

Lily didn’t really care for Peter

i think he was bigger than she imagined him to be (she was hoping he would be “my little pony” with wings size)

there also just happened to be the sweetest rooftop bungalow with a wonderful view of Evora

seriously, the sweetest bungalow

look at it

i want it

not sure what we will be doing today

we are all a bit slow due to last night

happy monday

hope you all had a wonderful weekend

i wore: top- anthro. jeans- levi’s gifted by Connie. shoes- gap

Lily wore: dress- babygap. shoes- salt water