quinta da pigarca (aka one of the longest photo posts. ever)

on thursday we were invited by my cousin Vitor to go have lunch and spend the day at his friend’s farm

quinta da pigarca is a traditonal portuguese farm in Cuba (near Beja) in the alentejo region

we picked and ate fresh peppers and strawberries

Lily swam

we saw horses, donkeys and yet another pony

we ate

we drank

we sang

we laughed

we played

it is days like that that make it hard to leave and be far away but, leaving is what we are doing today

by the time some of you read this, we will most likely already be on a plane from Lisbon to Philly and then Miami

it has been a wonderful trip (seriously probably one of the best) and family will be deeply missed

it truly breaks my heart that we only see each other once a year but i guess that’s life (ours anyway)

i wish you all a wonderful weekend and see you in Miami