we are home. in Miami

when we left Beja yesterday it was 6am Portugal time (1am Miami time)

Lily was awake during the whole flight from Lisboa to Philly and awake the whole flight from Philly to Miami

except for the last 5 minutes before landing

she slept through the whole baggage claim and the car ride

when we got home, i put her in her bed and she didn’t even budge

at around 4:30 this morning, she walked into our room and said:

“is this my yellow house mommy?”

after i replied “yes Lily. we are home”, she said “i love my yellow house”

as sleepy and tired as i was, it warmed my heart to know that no matter where we go and how far, she loves coming home

just like i do

i picked her up and put her in bed with us with the hopes that she would go back to sleep for a couple more hours but no such luck

after tossing and turning for about 20 minutes she said “i want to go play”

of course she did. it was just about 9am Portugal time

past her wake up time

while Lily plays, i am writing this post in bed, with a cup of coffee next to me and it’s not even 6am

even though i wish i was still sleeping, i am happy to be home

and awake

happy sunday everyone