purple, gold and leopard

dress- tea collection. sandals- kiabi

i purchased this tea collection dress for Lily months ago on sale because we had the Raleigh wedding to go to in august and then the baptism in Portugal in september

Lily actually never ended up wearing the dress to the wedding

instead, she wore an extra dress her cousin had with her (it had sparkles and hello, it was her big cousin’s)

finding shoes for this dress was the hardest thing

we ordered green sandals that ended up being too big

at the target in Raleigh i found purple sparkly shoes that actually ended up looking perfect with the dress Lily ended up wearing…

while in Portugal i found myself in the same predicament once again

what shoes to put with this dress?

i purchased these leopard flats for Lily just because i thought they were so cute and they were so inexpensive but… i think they ended up being a great match/non-match with the dress

what do you think?