according to my phone

watching a movie while flying back home

a natural welcome home gift on our front yard

a visit from D and Mia

super capin’ it on a walk with Mia

avocado from our tree

homemade pennyroyal mint licqour from portugal in miami

anyone know what this is???

on the new couch breastfeeding eyore

our monday visitor

a walk. i think Lily is so ready for a dog

Mia at swampspace

on a Mark Diamond art piece

a cookie break

outside swampspace

beets ready to be baked. i think they look like veggie rats

an overnight visit from my friend Deanna

a walk through the neighborhood

the prettiest diaper change in bagua’s backyard


swampy playground

her favorite space at swampspace

back to school and a new mirror

art. always art

a rainy school morning

quinoa and avocado tacos

this past week despite adjusting to the time difference and slowly trying to get back to our miami routine, it was a fun and easy week

we had lots of visits to swampspace because not only do we love to visit Oli but, swampspace is the coolest un-gallery, art studio, has a great yard and it is only a few blocks away from our house

this month’s exhibit is by the talented Mark Diamond and if you are a miami local or live close by, you should really check it out

we also had an overnight visit from my friend Deanna,  Lily started school again, i started eating my regular healthy light meals (love portuguese food but oh boy!) and i started a new painting

easy, fun week

just the way i like them

have a great weekend everyone