things to look forward to right here at home in Miami


i love halloween!!!!! and i used to love dressing up even though i have not done it in years

this will be Lily’s first halloween and i cannot wait

the last couple of halloweens we have been in Portugal

i’m looking forward to finding a pumpkin patch where we can go pumpkin picking, have a pumpkin carving/painting party, decorate the house and of course dress up and go trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood

i have already started to talk to Lily about this holiday and show her costumes so we will see what she will decide on

changes daily

Lily’s third birthday

what!? yes, third (time really is ticking…)

i look forward to celebrating this little one’s special day right here at home with a sweet little party and of course the best of friends and family

it’s one of my favorite days to celebrate

the day i gave birth to one of the most important people in my life (i’m tearing up as i type)


not sure which friends will be around for us to celebrate this wonderful day with but, i look forward to making a big feast at home and celebrate with whomever is around

maybe family from west virginia will visit?

we will see…


we will not be going to west virginia this year for Christmas and will be having a miami Christmas instead

for the past three years we have had the perfect white Christmas with family however, this year since we have this house, i feel that it’s important for us to start our own Christmas family tradition

it’s been years since i went to look for a Christmas tree

i want to do that with Lily and Will this year

it’s not to say we will never have a white west virginia Christmas again and i know that when Christmas morning comes we will be missing the past Christmases but, hopefully we will be able to make it just as magical right here in our yellow house

and… there is also a slight chance that my mom will be working in west palm during the holidays so hopefully we will get to see her (last time she visited was when Lily was born. hello 2009)

my birthday

oh boy, it’s a big one this year

i will be forty. yeah for-ty!

this is another reason i would like to stay in miami this Christmas

my birthday is smack in the middle of Christmas and new years so, for the past three years we have celebrated it in west virginia with family

they have been wonderful birthdays however, because it’s my forty (omg) i’m hoping to celebrate out and about with some of my best girlfriends

i can’t believe it’s october already and that the year is almost over

it’s been a wonderful year so far filled with travels and a move and now i look forward to staying right here at home in miami

lots to look forward to, right?

what are you looking forward to in the upcoming months?