something other than dresses

umbrella- kiabi (portuguese label). tunic- crazy8. pants- babygap. rain boots- zulily

top- babygap. pants- kiabi. sandals- salt water

top- babygap. skirt- crazy8. sandals- salt water

those of you who have been coming here for a while know that i love dresses

i love wearing them and i love dressing Lily in them

BUT, variety is always good and it’s nice to wear other things other than dresses

i have tried explaining this to Lily who has been on a dress only policy for quite some time now

i’m not sure if it’s the influence of seeing other girls in school wearing different stuff or if she is just more willing to wear something else other than a dress but, lately she is willing to put on a skirt or pants

with the agreement that she will wear a dress the following day

of course

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