Lily and school so far

Lily brought home her first school project last week

are you kidding me?

yes, i almost cried. i mean, seriously

so far she loves school

Will drops her off and picks her up

she never fusses going and when she gets back, she comes running towards me with open arms, hugs and kisses

this past week, per her teachers suggestion, she joined the bigger kids in the later class for some yoga taught by a mommy friend of mine whose daughter also goes to skipping stones (it was she who actually told me about skipping stones last year)

Lily’s teachers seem to think that she can keep up with the bigger kids quite well (ages 4-5)

as far as me while she is in school, well, at first it was quite strange having an empty house

but, i would be a liar if i said that i don’t enjoy the alone time, because i do

the three hours while Lily is at school are usually used for blogging, laundry, cleaning, organizing, painting but, i do hope to soon start power walking like i used to

so, all in all school is working out great for all of us!

happy friday everyone

ps- have you ever with her big cheesy smile? i can’t

pps- the winner to the giveaway is…


congratulations Renee. please contact me here with your shipping info