according to my phone

yard working last weekend


an indoors playdate with her bff Sophia

bike ride to pick up Lily from school (that still sounds weird)

we found a nice new playground close to the house


Lily: “mommy, you know what you do with raisins? this!”

sleepover at D’s

breakfast at D’s

beach date with auntie K

mermaid Lily

wednesday afternoon at auntie K’s. a view i never get tired of

auntie K’s and Lily’s framed art

Lily Tenenbaum

Lily’s second school art project

afternoon movie time at our yellow house

breakfast in Lily’s room

we had a couple of fun adventures this past week

monday morning Lily and i set out for a playdate at jungle island with our friends Carmen and Sophia but unfortunately on the way there the rain started coming down harder and harder

we opted for an indoors playdate instead at a near by play-in place and as it continued to pour, the girls had just as much fun inside. if not more

Will left for nyc early tuesday morning for an overnight work trip and because of THIS (duh), i planned a sleepover at D’s place on the beach and a day of auntie K fun on wednesday

it was also a great school week for Lily (tuesday and thursday)

she did yoga with the bigger kids on both days and she loved it!!

she also brought home her second school art project (see the first one in the previous post), a halloween inspired spider that is now hanging on the fireplace mantel

and speaking of halloween…. Lily is getting SO very excited for it!

seriously, she cannot wait

we went out shopping yesterday and put together a custom costume that she just cannot wait to go trick or treating in

and neither can i

this weekend we will be doing more work around the house, the yard, hanging out at home and hopefully getting together with some friends

i wish you all a wonderful weekend!