super moon!

this little person will be having a third birthday in less than a month

she is not even three and she is a total kid already

she says everything, she comes up with songs, dances, games, the most creative names for her dolls…

and she can be a total nut (as you can see in the video)

we have been talking to her about her birthday

she wants a mermaid party. and sometimes a mermaid/bunny party (see? creative)

for presents she would like a pet (a puppy to be exact), a pink bed, a yellow bike, books and she would like her friend William to bring her flowers (according to her she is going to marry William)

when we were talking about guests, she told me that she wanted no “big people” at her party. meaning no adults

she said “big people” would go to my party

she was also very particular about which kids would be coming to her party. it was a small handful

she has always been better and more comfortable in smaller crowds

it doesn’t surprise me that she knows what she wants

she has always been a “yes” or “no” girl

and with certainty


hope she remains that way as she grows

i think it’s a good way to be

happy monday everyone. hope you all had a fabulous weekend