Lily water coloring

Will baked his famous sweet potato biscuits (recipe here)

L is for Lily

sweet potato biscuit+honey=fried chicken=yumminess!!!!!


rain, rain and more rain

newly hung up art in Lily’s room

mimosa robot on top

art in Lily’s bathroom

mobile finally hanging again in Lily’s room (it fell once before)

an Oliver Sanchez mirror in the dining room

an old mirror hanging in our bedroom

sunday’s plan was to plant the seeds we bought on saturday in the morning and to bake in the afternoon

however, when we woke up, it was raining and it continued raining for most of the day

so, Will baked in the morning instead which worked out perfect because we had sweet potato, honey and fried chicken sandwiches for lunch

we also hung up some art and mirrors that needed to be hung throughout the house

despite being invited to lake worth and the keys, we spent the weekend mostly at home and running errands

it felt great to just be

at home

doing home things