the potty diaries

it’s been a while since i have done a post on Lily’s potty training or actually i should say the lack of potty training

Lily is very happy in her diapers you see

she doesn’t care to be in underwear like everyone else

she doesn’t care when i tell her that her bigger girl friends no longer wear diapers

her response? “i wear diapers”

in the past, when i have tried to stress the issue of letting go of the diapers, she literally rolled her eyes and snored (i don’t know where she learned that from btw)

when i tell her that her poops are getting too big for her diapers, her reply is “these diapers are too small”

she has an answer for everything you see

and the answer is that she likes her diapers and like she said the other day “boy robots are boy robots and girl robots are girl robots”

right. i get it

she will be turning three in november so with the hopes of getting her potty trained, i came up with two new ways to try to get her there

plan one: to have her change her own diaper

WHAT!???? you might be thinking

of course not the poop diapers but yes, she is to change her own diapers

and guess what? she did it last night and this morning

i make her take the diaper off herself, wipe herself and then i help a bit when it comes to putting on the diaper

she has to get tired of changing diapers just like Will and i have grown tired of it, no?

plan two: Lily really wants to go to ballet class so i/we are bribing her with it

i will soon be taking her to a dance studio near our neighborhood where she will hopefully take classes starting january and i will show Lily that all the other little girls ages 3-4 do not wear diapers and she can’t either if she wants to dance ballet

if changing her own diapers is not enough of an incentive for her to start using the potty, ballet classes should do it

she says she wants to be a ballerina after all

and i don’t know any ballerinas who wear diapers