dressing and stuff

i worked retail all my life

seriously. from the time i was 16 until a week before Lily was due (so 20 years basically)

one of the things i liked most about retail was getting dressed to go to work

everyone was expected to look their best and current

there was always an excuse to buy something new because it would get worn

ever since i became a full time mom, i don’t get dressed the way i used to

i’ve become quite lazy about dressing actually

heels? hardly ever

make-up? lipstick if anything

although there are times i feel like i have nothing to wear (who doesn’t), i have a wardrobe full of clothes that hardly get worn

the things i wear the most these days are my lounge pants and tanks (which i’m wearing right now)

because i’m mostly at home

this week i decided to take advantage of Lily being in school and ran some errands

by myself


so ok, i wore the same shirt two days in a row (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it) but, i wore heels twice (my cheap portuguese version of hasbeens) and i even busted out the eyeliner

now if only my hair could cooperate

can’t i just have straight hair? (yes! i want straight hair)

happy friday everyone

go get dressed and go out!!!!