according to my phone

autumn fruits are here

i fell in love with these. especially the one on the left. might have to go back for it…

scored fifteen dollar curtains for the living room from marshalls. happy

halloween decor in the house

miami fall foliage. lol

this is totally disappointing

a walk around the neighborhood. her choice of accessories

a change of shoes

Lily at play

feeling/wanting autumn and dressing up in the house

my little lunch partner home from school

the potty diaries seems to be working

pink flamingos

pretty pretty birds

Tricia and Lily

big big fish

this past week was filled with lots of errands while Lily was at school

Will and i have been slowly putting together halloween, Lily’s birthday party and the biggest surprise present

there were two highlights

after i wrote the potty diaries, Lily totally took it upon herself to start wearing underwear and give this whole potty training business a try

so far, so good

and…. our friend Tricia invited us to the zoo yesterday

it was both mine and Lily’s first time there and although we were too late for the giraffes (they put all the animals in by 5pm), we got to see plenty of other great animals

like elephants!!

but, because Lily was most excited about the giraffes, we will definitely have to go back

happy saturday everyone

hope you all have a wonderful weekend