the practical child

the minute i found out i was pregnant with Lily and that i was going to be a mother, i started daydreaming of future happenings right away

i would daydream of bath time, outfits i would put Lily in, little girl bedroom decorations, white Christmases in west virginia, Easter baskets, halloween costumes….

i would just daydream and daydream of everything possible that would soon become better because my daughter was going to be born

one of the things i daydreamed about was pumpkin picking

growing up in new jersey, we had fall and pumpkin and apple picking became one of my most favorite things to do in the fall

in miami, there is no real fall and the only place i found that is an actual farm and that would be doing the whole pumpkin patch thing is about an hour away

Will and i talked about it and planned to take Lily to the farm for some pumpkin picking, pony rides and petting/feeding of farm animals this past weekend

i showed Lily pictures of the place online

the pictures included kids petting animals, kids riding ponies, you know, fun kid stuff that kids should want to do

she didn’t look impressed

i asked her if she would like to go there on the weekend and pick pumpkins

she replied “no”



ok…. i asked her if she would just rather go and buy the pumpkins at the store

she replied “yes”


no big deal kid

just crush my pumpkin picking with my daughter daydream and the opportunity to take countless adorable pictures

needless to say we did not go to the farm to pick pumpkins

there will be no pumpkin picking post in the near future on this blog (aren’t you crushed?)

but at least she loves dressing up and is excited about halloween

really excited actually

so not all daydreams are crushed

happy monday everyone

hope you all had a fab weekend