the potty diaries- a night diaper

yesterday Lily went to school with underwear on and no diaper for the first time (and there were no accidents)

after i wrote this post, something clicked with her the following morning

not sure if she didn’t like having to change her own diaper, if the ballet classes are her main motivation or if she was just finally ready but, she has gone a whole week of wearing only underwear during the day and only had two wet accidents

both in the same day

her diapers are now referred to as “night diapers”

right before she goes to bed, she uses the potty (toilet) and then we put on her night diaper

when she wakes in the morning, she takes off her own night diaper, wipes herself and puts on underwear

it has been quite the easy and smooth transition actually

nothing like the other nightmarish times before

because she wasn’t ready

and i guess i wasn’t ready either

happy friday everyone. hope you all have a lovely weekend