according to my phone

mommy’s night out

outside creature visiting inside

won ton soup. a must the day after mommy’s night out

fall arrangement

a colorful snack

Lily’s lunch. curry chipotle pumpkin chili

Molly being sick. like us

playdoh ice cream time

buttered toast and tea with honey

Lily and mommy tea

sick face

Lily brought blankets for my cold feet

Lily and Mia. being bunny brides

perfect book for a sick day

many shoe changes during the day

this past week couldn’t have been more different from the one before

there were no errands run

there was no dressing up. on my part

there was staying home sick

in pajamas and lounge wear

this cold really took the best out of me. unlike the previous week, i had no energy to do anything

so, aside from the bare minimum like a little laundry, making of the beds and very (very) light cleaning, nothing was done

i had plans to finish a painting but no energy and no inspiration

it was also a very sober week

due to my very bad hangover after mommy’s night out on saturday and this cold, i did not have one drink the whole entire week

not one glass of wine. not one sip

sober i tell you


happy saturday everyone