a birthday book registry

With Lily’s birthday coming up and family and friends already asking for ideas of what to give, i decided to put together a list of books i have had my eyes on for a while.

Lily has her good share of toys and dress up clothes, i think that she is in need of some bigger kid books.

Books are always great gifts anyway. Better than toys in my eyes.

So here we go, here’s a list of books i have had on my amazon wish list for a while:

A bad case of stripes

That’s how i see things

The calico jungle

Mangoes and bananas

The sacred banana leaf

Monkey photo

The cat at night

Girl with the bird’s nest hair

Princess for a day

Clementine and Mungo

The red shoes

The night life of trees


The tiger who came to tea

The snail and the whale

All monkeys love bananas

Buddha at bedtime

The umbrella

The conductor

Brown rabbit in the city

Moon rabbit

Alex and Lulu: two of a kind

A book of sleep

This moose belongs to me

The heart and the bottle

How to catch a star

If any of you have anything positive or negative to say about any of these books, i would love to hear it.

I am simply going by the reviews.