the things she says

Lily: “mommy, you do big poopoo because you have a big butt and i do tiny poopoo because i have a tiny butt. right?”


me: “what’s that noise? is that your belly Lily?”

Lily: “no mommy. it’s my butt!”


Lily: “i’m sorry. it’s your problem that you broke my baby’s head mommy. now you have to call him and say you are sorry.”

and she handed me her play phone


me: “here is your clean spider Lily. please don’t pee on her again”

Lily: “my spider is not a girl mommy. he is a boy”


Lily: “mommy, i’m going to paint the blueberries pink and they are going to be PINK!!”


Lily: “mommy! my sloth! it’s raining in his heart!!!!”


Lily: “want some wine with your dinner mommy?”


happy friday everyone!