according to my phone



a flower

a jacket for hot weather

Sophia and Lily. an etchasketch by Lily

a sunset

my highschool bf and i in san diego, ca. 1991

with my girls in ridgewood, nj. 1997-8

an old favorite. 1997


little kitchen helper


enjoying the backyard

an old vest being worn for the first time

lavender eyeliner

a bike ride

at target so ready to be a ballerina



noodle soup made by Will

showing us her yoga moves learned from school. doing the mermaid

a mug shot

a key lime blossom

a little succulent garden

lunch al fresco

stripes, stripes and flowers

miami, i love hate you

one love

a trip to southbeach

last week was somewhat of a very wet week

not just because of all the rainy days we got due to Sandy but because we had a few leaks around the house like the kitchen sink, the a/c unit and the biggest one, the washer in the garage that flooded the whole floor and got a few cherished items soaked

the flood in the garage brought on many nostalgic moments when i had to go through the photo boxes

it did however inspire this post

despite all the rain, the leaks and all of us still trying to get over this cold, it was a good week

i finished a painting, we did a lot of work out in the yard, Lily went to a dress up birthday party and a sleepover, Will and i had a real date…

Lily was so tired yesterday that she fell asleep in the car on the way home at 4:30pm and slept until 7:40am today (crazy!!)

i hope you all had a great weekend as well and happy monday

ps- for all of you in the northeast….. be safe!!