in the yard

i found this wooden “boat” on the street in front of a neighbor’s house waiting to be picked up by the trash truck

the minute i saw it, i envisioned it with the tree Will took out of the gutter in the center and flowers on both of its side

so, i convinced Will to help me drag it to our backyard and on saturday after a trip to home depot, we created this tree and flowers boat

yesterday Lily and i made a bark chime for it

after Will cut down a whole bunch of dead branches off the oak and the avocado tree, we took the table and chairs from underneath the awning and moved them out in the yard

it feels much better now

this is the old grill pit that came with the house and was in the middle of the yard

it didn’t function properly so we bought a bunch of succulents, moved the pit to a sunnier part of the yard and created a little succulent garden

happy Buddha

we bought a cocktail tree (meyers and key lime) and planted it in this beautiful pot that came with the house

its blossoms smell heavenly

cocktails coming soon

rosemary, basil and cilantro

we moved our plants to this corner of the yard that always felt empty and not quite right

my old potted orchids are happily growing in the tree

i know many of you are experiencing awful weather right now due to Sandy and i hope you and your loved ones are all safe

Sandy was good to us

she came and went without doing much harm

and she left behind wonderful cool sweater weather

we usually don’t get sweater weather like this this early around here

it’s been nice

we spent almost the whole day in the yard yesterday

cool, chill breeze, no bugs….

i couldn’t ask for anything better