according to my phone

a sweet gift from our friend Graziella

outside painting area

a new painting for basel

fall weather

cool enough for a poncho

lunch al fresco in the yard

jack the pumpkin king

with my wig on

princesses do yard work too

loving the tree chimes we made

umbrella. rain and shine

a snake and a giraffe

a pink fairy

trick or treating

in the design district


flamingos all the way from LA

some new and gifted family members

ready to make an avocado delivery

lunch with Oli at swampspace


afternoon delight

across the water

you guys, let me tell you…. this cold that everyone and their mother has had is the biggest pain

it’s still in us!

we all still have the sniffles, slight cough and feel run down

i want it gone

anyway, it was a good week

it felt like Lily was celebrating her birthday a little early with sweet non birthday gifts coming in through the mail

i started a new painting

halloween was fun

and today i am off on a little overnight road trip to Naples with D and K

Lily and Will are staying home and going to yet another one of Lily’s friend’s birthday party

i feel like it will just be one big party from now until new years

i wish you all a fabulous weekend