when you were two

you started believing in the magic of Christmas

you became a real climber

dressing up became a daily ritual and baby Elsie became your little friend

you still loved your beloved Elmo

Sophia became one of your bestfriends

D continued to be one of your favorite people and you had several sleepovers at his house

you loved anything that had to do with water

you moved to the yellow house

your cousin Adelaide and west virginia forever big in your heart

family and south carolina were the highlights of your summer

you started school

you were reunited with your baby Dicky and portugal

you mastered potty training over night and you had your first halloween

when you wake tomorrow you will be three

two will be gone and it will be no more

there were no terrible twos

sure you had your moments but we all did/do

you were wonderful at two

and i’m sure you will be wonderful at three

because you are wonderful

and pai and i are so very blessed to have you

i love you,