everything takes time

dress- tea collection. leggings- old navy. moccasin booties- minnetonka, gifted by avo Hayes and avo Joao

Lily turned three yesterday

in the afternoon she asked to go on a bike ride to the park

if it was any normal day, i might have tried to convince her to just go for a walk or play in the yard

but, it was her birthday after all and the weather was perfect

once we got to the park i realized that the bike ride there is not so bad

it’s not the bike ride we used to do to flamingo park or southpoint but, it’s an ok bike ride

when we first moved to the yellow house, even though i loved the house and the area, i was really sad about the changes in our routine

there would be no more bike rides to flamingo park. or the beach. or short walks to lincoln rd just to pass the time…

a few months have passed and i have survived just fine without any of those things

i mean, i still miss those things but, there are now new things

and those new things are good too

i’m just a creature of habit

and everything takes time….