a birthday morning

walking into her room

birthday cupcake

admiring the bed and the balloons

cupcake time

sparkly pink shoes



flamingo bodysuit and mermaid slippers

cupcake break

princess picnic to celebrate her “princess castle bed”

for over two weeks Lily asked if her birthday was that day

she knew it was coming and every. single. day she asked if that was the day

she was excited

then the day came, she had the spotlight and…. she got a bit shy

not as shy as last year when she had to share her birthday with Elmo but she wasn’t bouncing off walls screaming it was her birthday

who am i kidding though, she is not really that person

maybe one day she will be but for now, she isn’t

she took her time unwrapping every gift and took her time trying it on and appreciating it

she enjoyed her special day her way

in a quiet way and with a lot of wardrobe changes (wink)