according to my phone

working on a vegetable garden

gettin’ dirty

sangria in Naples

Naples. part one

west coast

being my own disco ball in Naples. part two

ready for an art meeting

last bike ride as a two year old

a pink birthday bed

last night in the crib

bitter sweet. always bitter sweet

birthday morning love

family birthday love

birthday girl

birthday cupcake face

soooo happy

flamingos, mermaids and balloons. what else do you need?

birthday park time


baby air plant

fall weather

school birthday love

bike ride

everything takes time

mug shot

baking cookies

produce madness

pimpin’ it

Foxy, our rescued street dog

this week has been all about Lily’s birthday and coincidences

so…. since there have been plenty of posts about Lily’s birthday (and the last one to come once we have her birthday party today), let’s talk about coincidences shall we?

when we found this yellow house, we had sort of stopped looking

i found the listing on craigslist, we called the following day, looked at it the day after and the moment we stepped inside, we knew it was the house for us (even if it’s a rental)

this week, through facebook we found out that our landlord is this mama‘s cousin

and not just cousin but first cousin!!!

i mean, i have known Ulrike since the nineties and now we are living in her cousin’s house


aside from Lily wanting a pink birthday bed (which she got), she wanted a puppy

Will and i searched a bit but didn’t really found one and to tell you the truth, we kind of put all our focus on the bed and were thinking puppy for Christmas

yesterday, as i was about to get in the shower, there was knock on the door

it was my son’s neighbor all out of breath because he had just ran 3 blocks as fast as he could to let me know that his mom had found a stray puppy

ever since we moved in, my neighbor has had her eye for a stray for us (they are common in this hood)

so, i quickly grabbed Lily and we met my neighbor a few streets over where i found her and her other son sitting in the middle of the street feeding ham to a tiny little pup

he was scared with his tail between his legs and would not come near any of us

slowly with time (and ham) he started getting closer and eventually we lured him all the way home

with ham

long story short, his name is Foxy (because i think he looks like a little fox) and he is our pup

so, Lily got a puppy for her birthday after all

and…. speaking of birthdays…. Lily and my best friend from high school share the same birthday

how about that for coincidences?

happy weekend everyone

we have a birthday party to go to!!