a doctor visit

Lily had her three year old check-up yesterday

she is 37″ tall and weighs 31lbs

her doctor was a bit surprised that she didn’t grow more than she did in the year that passed because last year she was in the 75 percentile in height and this year only in the 50 percentile

no big deal

everything else checked out fine

i am however freaking out a bit over the suggestion to go see a cardiologist because she heard a murmur in Lily’s heartbeat

i guess this murmur has been there before but it just so happened that in the previous times, Lily had had a little cold

this time around, Lily’s doctor gave me a referral to a cardiologist and we will soon make an appointment for her

a bit alarming….

she had two shots

the hib and the dtap

one on each leg

she didn’t cry however when it came to the second shot (on her right leg) she tensed up and said “no mommy! it hurts!!”

of course it does

shots suck!

after we left i treated her to some ice cream with sprinkles

how convenient to have baskin robbins right next door

late afternoon yesterday she started complaining about her right leg and went to bed without dinner (her choice)

she cried several times during the night because of her leg and this morning she stayed home from school and is in bed as i write this because her leg hurts

mean while i’m trying not to freak out over the words cardiologist and murmur in her heartbeat

ps- it was my first time taking Lily to the doctor on my own. Will has always gone before