this past monday Lily had a doctor visit for her three year old check-up

she had two shots the hib and the dtap/dt/td

not only was Lily’s right leg so sore that she couldn’t even walk but when it came to getting up and ready for school on tuesday morning, Lily chose to stay in bed

until 1pm when she finally felt less sore to get up

after she walked around a bit and seemed a little like herself, she started fading again

after the fading came the vomiting

and after the vomiting came the three hour knocked out nap that she doesn’t do unless she is really sick

i noticed a pattern

i had somewhat noticed it before but this time it was really apparent

the vaccines

i looked at her vaccine chart and sure enough

every time she had the dtap/dt/td shot, this had happened to her

she has had this shot four times now since she began her vaccines

a pattern was comforting because she had always woken up like nothing had happened to her but it still completely freaked me out because it’s vaccines we are dealing with here and what if she didn’t come out of it the same?

she is fine now

i’m glad that the recommended amount for this dtap/dt/td is four to five shots

she is done

i am glad

happy friday