according to my phone

ready to let them eat cake



out with Min and Oli

the moore building

he’s a total snuggler

a breakfast date with Sisto

rose heart

guard dog

a bad case of stripes


baked squash, pumpkin and oranges

a sweet couch moment

giraffes and zebras hung up. minus the zebras

pillow heaven at berber design

Deanna in the garden

mini candle lanterns in the backyard

mug shot

Lily created her own gallery

on the way to the park



tree fairy

what a week you guys!

mercury is in retrograde and it rocked my/our world harder than ever before

where to even start?…

well, Lily got really sick on tuesday from a doctor visit on monday when she got the dtap/dt/td shot

then Foxy got sick on wednesday and had to go to the vet. he had hook worms

of all the weeks when i needed to do laundry most, our washer broke. thank goodness for wonderful neighbors who let me use theirs

our toilet clogged up and a plumber had to come fix it

Will flew to west virginia to go to a dear friend’s funeral who passed away unexpectedly

yeah…. a little bit of a cray cray week here in the yellow house

there were some highlights however

my friend Deanna came to stay for a few days and we had a wonderful time

cheers you guys (with my coffee and baileys)

happy saturday!