her self

shirt&dress- kiabi (gifted by my mom last year). leggings- babygap (2 years ago). moccasin booties- minnetonka (gifted by Will’s parents for her birthday)

not sure what this is all about but it sure is cute

for such a little person (even though she is three now), Lily has a very clear vision of what she wants to look like and who she wants to be

she likes her hair long (has yet to have a hair cut or trim) and these days she likes her hair down and with a hair clip (she does let me braid her hair sometimes)

she loves to accessorize. she often picks out her hair clips and jewelry according to what she is wearing

pink is her favorite color so as long as she has some kind of pink on, i can basically still put other colors on her

she likes dresses and skirts and she prefers them full so she can really twirl

no pants

and she wants to be a ballerina. of course

happy thanksgiving small stylers!