so much to be thankful for this year

my partner in crime, my husband and best friend Will. the most amazing man i could ask for

the daughter we created, Lily. the best girl i have known

our families. The Eilers, the Guerreiros and all the rest in between and around

our dear friends, near and far who are our chosen family

this yellow house that not only has given us the opportunity to meet yet more amazing people like our neighbors but also allows us to have more room which gives us the opportunity to have friends over more often than ever before

our health. even though some of our parents and friends hit a few bumps this year, for the most part all are well, healthy and still kicking

for inspiration. it’s been quite the painting year for me

for this tiny space in the internet where i get to have you as a support group and get to meet people i wouldn’t otherwise get to meet

and i’m even thankful for Foxy, our rescue dog who has brought extra laughter and happiness to our home

happy thanksgiving everyone

i wish you a wonderful day filled with love, family, friends and of course yummy food (and some drinks too)