according to my phone

most of the time they are buddies

a fancy treat for my girl

Lily wrote “pai” all on her own and put faces in the letters. all on her own also

the birds. part five. Delfina

on a walk/run

ready for Lily’s school thanksgiving lunch

Lily at her school thanksgiving lunch

garden roses

late gifts finally ready to be shipped

lunch al fresco

gardening in the backyard

Foxy and his found bone

icecream smiles

couch potato

afternoon delight

thanksgiving twenty twelve

ready to bake some biscuits

before the beds were made

cranberry sauce

Will’s famous sweet potato biscuits

pumpkin cheese cake and apple pie

oh hi there

bath time

apple pie for breakfast

darn squirrel!!!

a hatching turtle

a car nap to a visit long overdue

the birds. part six. Roller in the making

two dollar scooter from the thrift store. score

turkeys out, ginger peeps in


my lunch date. lol

thanksgiving break was one of the nicest breaks we have had in a really long time

i think it was the fact that we didn’t really go anywhere (except for a visit long overdue) and we just stayed home (mostly in our pajamas) and enjoyed each other and this yellow house

i have been spoiled by this long break and look forward to Christmas and new years break

Christmas eve day and new years eve day are both on a monday so we are basically looking at not only one but two four day weekends in december

joy indeed!