art in my thirties

what won’t break me, will make me stronger

mercy-full stargazers

me, myself and i

purple haze


in the flesh

into the light


baubbles on lincoln rd

the three stages of Elise. fall, winter and spring

Sandy’s 32nd enlightenment


two wild orchids

where i want to be


cherry blossoms

blue skys to come


the girl with the gold earring

twinkle, twinkle little stars

nikon Kate

P.S.H. as Capote



pigeon wore

obsession with the moon

black celebration

the mask

on the balcony underneath the sparkly moon

the necklace



window fatale

the lucky rabbit

the lucky star

fallen star


Deanna in the garden

the birds. part one, Dudley

the birds. part two, Hayes

the birds. part three, Maury

the birds. part four, Genevieve

the birds. part five, Delfina

the birds. part six, Roller

i painted forty six canvases during my thirties

given the fact that there were at least four years of not painting at all, i guess that is not so bad

i’m just justifying (to myself)

i always feel like i should have done more and better

if any of you are interested in a painting, please do contact me

happy friday everyone

ps- if you pay close attention, there is a little story here. it helps if you read as forty approaches