time spent in restaurant with toddler

i have to vent about this graph

i found this picture from natural parent magazine on facebook and even though it’s supposed to be somewhat of a spoof, the comments that were written by “natural parents” in response to it were embarrassing

since when is it natural to not be able to say “no” to your children and to teach them proper manners and discipline?

or social skills for that matter of fact?

children are a reflection and a product of their parents and their environment

if your child is acting the way this graph goes, is because you, the parent tolerates such behavior and because you, the parent have not been teaching your child any better at home

it is expensive to eat out these days

not everybody has nor likes children

and even if you do, it is not fair for everybody else who is out trying to enjoy a good meal to have to put up with children whose parents tolerate bad behavior

if your child cannot sit with manners at a restaurant then please stay home and do us all a great favor

when Will and i go out to eat with Lily (something we have done ever since she was less than a month old), she is expected to behave the way she does at home

she is to sit, eat and ask to leave the table when finished

she is not to be running around chased by a spoon, she is not to be under the table, she is not to be screaming

she is to be proper

otherwise we would leave (something i think we only had to do once)

but then again, we do not tolerate that kind of behavior

so i ask you, what do you think about this graph and what do you tolerate?