around here

the night before’s eyebrows

lazy sunday

lazy sunday’s lunch

fairying around

angel face

play time with the brothers next door

movie time with Foxy

a bath


in the morning light

showing off

scooter time

arts and crafts

her own outdoor sink and guard dog

dish duty

two sisters on the same wall

cuddle time

monkey jumping on the bed

advent calender

we made button tree ornaments

and salt dough ornaments

hair coverings (a giveaway)

a basel night

a note

sleeping Foxy

new brushes

in case you were wondering these around here posts are the camera version of the according to my phone posts

this past week we mostly stayed home and did lots of arts and crafts

there were a lot of paper people, paper people parties and lots of ornament making and holiday movies

i had one really off day this week, tuesday i think, where if i didn’t know any better, i would have thought mercury was back in retrograde

the kind of day that had me want to crawl out of my skin because everything i tried to do didn’t turn out well

at all

good thing for bad days ending and new days beginning

we have family coming to visit tomorrow and we are so super excited!!

happy friday everyone