sold and selling

the birds. part four, Genevieve. SOLD

Kate. SOLD

window fatale. 24×48″ extra thick wood frame. SELLING $600.00

Esther. 24×36″. SELLING $400.00

Penelope. 20×24″. SELLING $200.00

Perry. 18×24″. SELLING $150.00.SOLD

i have been painting a lot as you may have noticed

one of the new pieces has sold and i am over the moon about it

because the walls are full and there are paintings in the garage and i hate doing that, i have decided to lower the price on older works and start letting go of some of my girls who have been with me for a long time

i have been posting pictures on facebook and really, the response has been great but, didn’t want you readers who i don’t know on facebook to be left out

so, as of right now there are two older pieces for sale

if you are interested, you know how to contact me