the things she says

when i asked her if she could draw a panda bear she replied:

“oh i’m sorry…. today is not that day”

——————————————- * ——————————————-

“mommy look, my doggie is licking him penis. haha”

——————————————- * ——————————————

“mommy, can i have a candy corn please?”

ok, but just one

“ok. but one means five right?”

no, one means one

“oh ok. hahahaha”

—————————————— * —————————————–

“camels are like giraffes because i’m painting a camel giraffe”

—————————————– * —————————————

“mommy, you need to share your salad because that’s what friends do

———————————————- * ——————————————-

“mommy, i want to do exercise but my butt hurts. no, it itches!”

———————————————– * ——————————————

and on that note, happy saturday everyone!