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December 18 2012 044

December 18 2012 055

we created an outside lounge area on the front porch with Lily’s old crib and she really loves it. it still needs an outdoor rug and pillows but all with time

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the front porch has become the new backyard

December 20 2012 001

christmas bear toes

December 20 2012 016


December 20 2012 019

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December 20 2012 178

afternoon light

December 20 2012 021

                                                   christmas carding. all the same

December 20 2012 064 December 20 2012 066

                                                               funny polished toes

December 20 2012 067

Will’s famous sweet potato biscuits

December 20 2012 068

christmas mantel

December 20 2012 078

December 20 2012 179

amethyst dreams

December 20 2012 182

glowing stars

December 20 2012 090

Lily and her classmates at the skipping stones holiday play

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i like to think i’m the kind of person who manages time pretty well

usually i get things done without running around like a maniac

i’m not quite sure what happened (maybe it’s my stars) but, i got off the tracks and haven’t managed to get back on just yet

for the past month i feel like i can’t really keep up with anything and feel like i can hardly come up for air

there is always more cleaning, laundry, organizing…

and then there is the now three year old Lily who is much different from the two year old Lily

this Lily is so much more of a non-stop talker and doer

she is also hard of hearing

i find myself repeating things over and over (and over and over and over) again in a nice way until i lose my cool a bit, the pressure goes up and so does my voice and emotions

only to then be told by a three year old to “take a breath mommy”

sometimes a breath works and i thank her for reminding me, sometimes a thousand breaths would not even come close to working

mothering (along with every day bs) this past month has been challenging to say the least

it’s that time of year i guess

that time of year when the year is ending and i set a few personal goals for myself and am starting to get stressed out because i don’t see them accomplished in the years end (i really want to finish the birds series and only have one to go)

and then there was Lily at her school holiday play and even though she just recently transitioned into the bigger kids class, she did quite well and held her own. in her own quiet way

it was priceless really (hidden tears of joy)

i may have my bitch moments of ungratefulness but i quickly snap myself right out of them because really, i know and am thankful for everything and everyone i have. lots to be grateful for even when having a bitch day

with that said, for those of you who are off to enjoy the holidays and will not be coming here for a while, happy holidays you guys

enjoy the time off and enjoy your loved ones

like really, love your loved ones

for those of you who will be visiting, well, you know i will be coming here to this little secret (and yet not so secret) place of mine to share our lives

happy friday and happy holidays!!