Lily and Christmas

December 20 2012 009

this child, let me tell you… i don’t know what will happen to her precious world when christmas is over

she loooooooooooooves the magic of christmas

everything about it

she loves the tree, she loves and only wants to sing christmas songs, she only wants to draw everything christmas related, she is living in a christmas cloud

the other day when Will brought home our christmas box from storage, it was like christmas

Lily had never seen anything that was in the box

angel ornaments, crystal trees, frosties….

with oooooooooo’s and ahhhhhhhhhhhh’s she claimed some for her room because only lights around her bed was just not christmasy enough

both Will and i are so excited to make christmas as magical as it can be

happy saturday everyone!

ps- i still have a bit more shopping to do. do you?

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